LITERALL is literally made for you. Trust us! We are a design driven lifestyle brand that has only one goal: make you feel comfortable. So, as you can imagine, for us, comfort is everything. No matter where you are or in which environment, we want you to be stylish. Whether at home, or outside, or even doing sports, you have to be at your best self. At LITERALL Brand we care about the materials we use. We personally select all of the materials ourselves. The first collections are 100% cotton. As you can imagine, it’s important to us that the used materials have the highest quality possible. More than knowing that, we want you to notice and feel the difference when wearing each of our pieces. Also, we clearly do mindful choices, and once we are a portuguese label, LITERALL is 100% made in Portugal… and we are proud of that! As a new company we don’t claim to be 100% sustainable, however, we plan to be. Our aim for 2022 is to be a full sustainable brand.


Well, well, well… it’s always so hard to talk about ourselves, right? Even more when our history is everything to us. It is what define us, really. But ok… try to picture this: two best friends (of a life time) that have been sharing every single aspect of growing up in a brotherhood environment with the same principles and the same personal values, established a unique brand that alies style and comfort in every kind of situation. That’s how we managed to thrive in this World. But well… time went by faster than we had thought, that’s the true! Nowadays one of us is living in Frankfurt, the other in Lisbon. This has been one heck of a journey! – to be honest. Our context and the way that we live is what we are eager to pass to the future generations. We’ve always been ambitious to be very good at what we do. And this is it. So here we are with one goal only: to put Portugal on the map. You look good, so do we. Literally!